Book of Kings

I feel like the Queen of Sheba to your Wise King Solomon.

I bring the gems of my own insights, my pearls of inspiration.

For the last steps of my progress I want to trip along eagerly,

Excited to challenge, question and probe.

As the King unto the Queen, you offer all I could desire.

Nothing is hid from you when my stream of questions

Joins your tranquil ocean of wisdom.

I commune with you all that is in my heart

And learn that you exceed my expectations.

When I leave, my ship is light upon the water,

Sails grown big-bellied with the fruits of grace.


© jsmorgane Sept 2016

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Triad: Three Messengers

Ambition to acquire knowledge.

Contemplation to gain understanding.

A fool’s wit to keep reality under construction.


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I see your face singing

I see your face
And hear it sing
A song as way of life.

I watch you sing
And with my fingers
Trace your features.

I hear your face
And place each note
Into a pool of wisdom.

For in your face
I see a deeper music,
And deep in every song
I hear your face.

© jsmorgane (July 2010)

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