I thought I heard you stretch
On the lawn beside me,
I heard your wide skirts rustle
In the trees above.

I thought I heard you mutter
In your midday slumber,
When I found it was
The crash of distant waves.

I thought you woke and straightened,
The shadowy branches reaching,
I thought you smiled to tickle
The sunbeams through the leaves.

I meant to bend and kiss
Your reassuring laughter
Already with the butterflies
Tumbling away.

© jsmorgane

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Fought for my soul today

I fought today
A rather fearful battle.
I beat today
My dear old friend

I fought today
A very frightful onslaught.
I wrestled down today
That strong antagonist
Called fear.

I fought today
A war against temptation,
And for an endless moment
I thought I’d given in.

I fought today
The battle of my life,
And found the odds were even,
That I was not alone.
A friend spoke true
And fed my vision’s fire
And saved my soul

© jsmorgane (Aug 2011)

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