Perfect Stranger

Through a cacophony of sound
One voice is soft upon my ears.
An unused but remembered mother-tongue
Pronounced with warm inflections
Bids me welcome.

The language of my heart much faster-paced
And, stimulating in sharp repartee,
Challenges my soul to catch up
With my mind, call your quizzical brow
Friend among a crowd of strangers.

A face to tell a tale of merry meet and laughter,
Of life taken in stride, and dreams
Unspent to live the every-day.
A perfectly familiar stranger and yet
Somehow I know I’ll hear from you again.

To “the Swedish cousin” © jsmorgane (Sept 2010)

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Three Messengers

Ambition to acquire knowledge.

Contemplation to gain understanding.

A fool’s wit to keep reality under construction.

© jsmorgane (Aug 2010)

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Madonna on Stage

Standing at the altar,
I find that I am weeping,
The sacred words and holy voice,
The glittering glamour blinding me.

The crowd around is blinded too.
In ecstasy they all believe the shining gems,
While I despair and wish I could
Believe like them.

The purple hue of splendid robes
Cries for the power all desire,
But I alone untouched, unmoved
Walk away from light and fire.

But in the silent darkness
I see – and find at last –
Not on the golden altar
But in a corner of my heart
The love I sought.

© jsmorgane (Aug 2010)

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Missing You

Missing you is not
Like a constant pain
Or hole in my chest.
It’s rephrasing a text
Again and again,
Press “cancel”, “don’t save”
For there’s too much
To share, to tell,
And talk about.

Missing you is not
Like being sad
But being happy
With no one to tell.
It’s not like seeing
You always just
Turning the corner but
Like seeing you in the mirror
Entering the room behind me.

Missing you is not
Like the world black and white
But every colour
Turning into your colour,
Your smile behind every smile,
Smoothing the furrows
I see on my face
When I think of how much
I’m missing you.

© jsmorgane (Aug 2010)

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