What does a year look like?

Does it look like
Twelve coloured pictures on a wall,
And 52 pages with numbers to call?
And is it a circle divided by four,
Showing cardinal points, the elements and all?
Two lists of people come with the tide,
Of those just born and those who died.
But maybe a year’s a butterfly,
A rose, a twig, a yellow leaf,
Or shows itself as yet
Another wrinkle in my face.
It looks just like a bag of tears,
And like a secret sold.
Looks like a child, a man,
A woman, young and old.
It’s also in the many smiles,
Returned a hundredfold.
And when I pass a mirror
And catch the person’s eye,
I see that I’m the year, that I am life.

© jsmorgane (June 2010)

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Ordeal of Fire

Strike a match and light the candle,
Gaze into the cheerful flame.
Find the blue, the darker part,
And the wick’s tip brightly gleaming.

See it widening, opening, splitting,
Parting like a sea of fire
To reveal what lies between
The candle flames.

Find the hidden path of tears,
Follow down the winding way,
Pass onwards through the fire…
…beyond all measured time…

Then stand your feet
Firm upon the ground,
And commit to memory
What you have heard and seen,
Striving to retain the ken of
Passing through the flame.

© jsmorgane (June 2010)

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Success Conflict

You simply should have told me No.
You should have told me not to go.
You should have stopped me in my tracks.
You really should have called me back.

But no, you had to urge me on.
I’m sure you knew it all along,
The dizzying heights that I would reach,
A lesson you thought you had to teach.

Now here I am and have to meet
The whole world lying at my feet.
I don’t deserve it, you’ve got it wrong!
And fame is bitter on my tongue.

© jsmorgane (May 2010)

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The Gift

Pull it from the stone
And press it to your heart.

Take it from the fire
And cool it with your tears.

Lift it from the waters
And sing it into life.

Raise it high into the air,
Brandish it above your head,
And show your gift
For all to see and share.

© jsmorgane (May 2010)

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War Poems III Just anything to eat

No food, no food,
So hungry, mother.
I know, I know
I’m sorry dear.

Let’s travel down the road
Which road, which road
It’s crumbling, crumbling
Into no man’s land.

What’s no man’s land
What is it father
Where does it lead
This crumbling street

No street, no road
It doesn’t lead to any man
To anyone with any food,
With any work, not anything.

Just anything would do,
I know, just any work,
Just anything to eat,
Just any man, on any street.

On any road
That leads to anything
That leads to any land
Where I can eat.

© jsmorgane (Jan 10) from “War Poems”

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