Look into a silent pool
And greet your smiling face.
Observe a critter seek repose,
Making the surface shiver.

The little traveller carries on,
Your watery reflection gone,
While, lingering, a smile awaits
The rippling waters
To settle back into
A laughing face.

© jsmorgane (March 2010)

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4 in
1 outside
cutting fog
into neat little cubes
blocks to build a box
a room to light the lantern in
the lantern lit to tease
fingers gleaming grieve
the wafts of mist to part
and conjure up
4 in a room

© jsmorgane (Dec 09)

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Fragments of Tranquility

Like an oriental cigarette,
Dark and slender and smooth
Between my fingers.
Comforting, a pillar of repose.

No smoke catching in my throat –
Calm, composed silence.
Just the taste of your filter,
Sweet on my lips.

The match, a flare in the dark,
Then the glimmering, crackling,
Like embers, burning incense
Dying down.

No thanks, I have given you up.
My fingers twirling air,
Your scent lingering
In my ‘non-smoking’ room.

© jsmorgane (2005)

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the scene cut,
an obstacle removed.
(it shows you glimpsing
the treasure – hunted down)

Aside: a thought (at first no more)

Montage: the cup you cradled in your hands –
                     the image you saw –
                     now glittering like tears on a cobweb
                     running down the torn thread,
                     dropping into the blank of
                     all that might have been.

Voice-over: a child, only implied.


shooting, on the road again,
with slightly changed key of lighting.

© jsmorgane (2005)

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big city
beating steadily
hammering your rhythm
onto mine
press my heart
under your power
squeeze out self
to nourish your

© jsmorgane

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fire flickering
on water’s surface
a bright sheen
to hide deep doubt

© jsmorgane (March 2010)

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Tattle-tale Teddy

I met a lady once
Who fashioned teddy bears.
She had an inconspicuous stall
Sat in the quiet corner of the fair.
Teddies of many shapes and sizes,
In all imaginable guises.
I asked her why.
And she replied
That every child
Needs their own bear
To keep…

© jsmorgane (March 2010)

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A boy from playing ran,
His hunger hurrying him.
Root reaching for his foot,
He fell.

Breathless he lay sprawled,
The turf had hit him hard.
Deep into the dirt he sank,
Teeth grinding sand.

Coarse meal, or flour,
His mother baking bread,
Wooden caraway, he swallowed
Damp with salt for seasoning.

He wiped his hands,
The clay a clinging mess
On his mother’s fingers,
Kneading bread dough.

He slowly stood
And musing walked,
Skip in his step,
His hunger stilled.

© jsmorgane (March 2010)

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