You have

cleared out my cupboard
burned my books
torn apart my paintings
thrown away my poems
tied my knees
hacked off my toes
pulled off my fingernails
pierced my eyes
broken my back
cut my throat
blown away my ashes
annihilated my memory

in one single hour.

@ jsmorgane (April 07)

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Back in the 80s,
When I was 19,
I worked in Dublin
At “Cineworld 20”.

My German was good,
My Spanish improving,
Disliking techno and rave
With a vengeance.

I’m rather sporty,
To mention a talent –
A silent war
Against things established.

No favourite movie,
And shrugging of shoulders,
Whenever you give me
That crap about studies.

I manage superbly,
Thank you for asking.
Any more questions?
Don’t bother to knock ●

© jsmorgane (Dec 09)

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Senex and Puer

Why am I waiting
And for whom?
For there is no one coming
Into this room.

When I open my door
The room is all light,
But when you enter
I bring on the night.

My Old and my Young Self
Meet here at last,
Hold up a mirror,
To future, to past.

Two opposite doors
To the same room.
Come Senex, come Puer
From cradle to tomb.

© jsmorgane (2002)

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